Thursday, May 5, 2016

I’ve typically always been somewhat of a rule follower. Not because I agree with all the rules, but mostly because I’m scared of punishment. When I was little, I lied about writing my name in life-sized letters using permanent marker on the side of our house. Blaming it on my brother didn’t work, because, as it turns out, he didn’t make his R’s backward.

As an adult, I “try” driving the speed limit (within reason), I return the shopping cart to the corral and I, albeit begrudgingly, pay my taxes. Rules are rules, and whether or not we decide they should be broken, most of the time, they were established for a good reason. Most of the time.

This week, I received a notice on my door from the apartment complex I live in. It read: It has been brought to Management’s attention that we have children playing with sidewalk chalk throughout the complex. We don’t mind children playing with sidewalk chalk, but it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the chalk is cleaned up afterwards. If it isn’t cleaned up, it can be considered property damage to the complex.

Are they serious? This can’t be real, right? Clearly, whomever complained and whomever deemed it necessary to send a notice throughout the complex has never used sidewalk chalk. Property damage? Give me a break. It washes away with the next rain, leaving no trace of stick figures or hopscotch behind.

This is one rule that I just can’t get behind. If my son wants to draw with chalk, I’ll let him. If the apartment complex decides to fine me for property damage, I’ll fight it. My kid will not be stuck indoors all day with technology in his face. We will continue to go on adventures with his scooter, outside, chasing geese and looking for baby bunnies in the grass.
Rules are rules, but I’m certain this is one rule that is meant to be broken.

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