Thursday, October 1, 2015

As the air becomes a little cooler and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change into colors of autumn, one thing is on the mind of most in Kansas City: baseball is in the air. For the second year in a row, we are celebrating our Kansas City Royals in October.

I’ve never been much of a professional sports fan. Sure, I’ll watch a Chiefs game on TV, or head out to a Royals game if I’m invited. But these past few years have made me a believer. Despite my son’s room being decorated in St. Louis Cardinals gear (he liked the bird when he was little and never changed his mind), we have been cheering for the Royals whenever they’re playing.

I’ve also been rooting for my own MVP. Michael has been playing fall baseball in Raymore (it’s not offered in Grandview after spring) and he’s been pitching phenomenally. So well, in fact, that after Monday night’s game, the umpire handed him the game ball. When asked how often that happens in little league, Michael responded, “Pretty much never!”

His day was made, and I beamed with pride. The kid loves the game. Earlier this season, he suffered a sprain in his hand after playing catcher (lesson learned - keep him on the mound) and thought the world was coming to an end when he was told he couldn’t play for at least two weeks.

So, as Kansas City watches our hometown boys head further into postseason, I’ll be watching my favorite pitcher finish out his fall season on the mound. With dirt on his knees and Gatorade on his upper lip, there’s no one I’d rather watch throw a ball.

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