Thursday, September 17, 2015

If you’re a resident of Grandview, chances are you’ve learned some history while living in the area about Harry S Truman. We have shopping centers, festivals and more dedicated to preserving Truman’s legacy in our town. Most notably, however, is the Truman Farm Home, located just off of Blue Ridge Road, tucked between the old Steak-n-Shake building and The Farm Shopping Center.

Despite the recent lift of sequestration cuts at parks such as the farm home, the National Parks Service still hasn’t reopened the home for visitors due to budget restraints. However, the grounds remain free and open to curious passersby. The Parks Service has offered a cell phone-guided tour, free of charge, to those wishing to still visit the home.

Last Friday, while the weather was a perfect 70 degrees, I wandered over to the Truman Farm Home to take the thirty-minute tour, guided by my phone. The tour starts in the parking area and directs you through the yard, around the east side of the home, and back to the parking area. Throughout the tour, historical facts are given about each piece of the property in front of you.

While I still would love to go inside, as I remember doing as a little girl and pretending, however briefly, that I lived during the time Harry was growing up in that house, it was nice to visit again and roam the yard of the home with the help from the recorded tour.

Even if you’ve visited the home before, I’d encourage you to do so again. With fall approaching, the weather will be pleasant enough. If you’d prefer to go with a group, the Grandview Historical Society will meet there on Monday, October 5 at 5:30 p.m. to take the tour and enjoy a sack supper picnic.

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