Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

Being a parent on Halloween is not nearly as fun as being a kid on Halloween. I remember when I was young, we’d trick-or-treat until we couldn’t possibly walk anymore. If it was cold out, we’d be completely frozen before we’d even think about heading inside and calling it a night. Last week, I was done after visiting about five houses with Michael. My hands were cold in just a few minutes, and I’m pretty sure I had a rock in my shoe before I even walked ten steps.

I trudged on, though, because little Michael was having a blast ringing people’s doorbells or knocking on their doors exclaiming, "Pizza guy!" Those who were handing out candy thought he was hilarious. A few even said it was one of the most creative costumes of the night.

This put my son on cloud nine. He was elated, and kept the momentum going. However, he couldn’t help but notice that house after house we walked by was dark, with no treats in sight. I’m unsure if it was because it was cold, or since Halloween was on a Friday night people decided to go out, but we skipped more houses than we stopped at.

Through the years of Michael’s childhood, Halloween has become more and more like this: scarce, and quiet. Last year, he got so little candy, I ended up going to the stores the day after to get some of the discounted goodies. This year, because so few trick-or-treaters were out, he made out pretty well considering most of those he talked to were willing to dump piles of candy into his pizza box.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset. He did create a lot of buzz in the neighborhood with his costume, and people sure spoiled him for it. Maybe next year, though, he’ll be more apt to having Mom buy him candy and take him out for the pizza.

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