Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ding-dong, Pizza's Here!

For Halloween this year, I imagine a lot of little girls will be dressed as Elsa from Frozen and other favorite characters, and little boys will be Ninja Turtles or some other crime-fighting hero. What does my eight-year-old want to dress as? Not Ironman, nor a cowboy, nor a skeleton.

This year, Michael is going as a pizza delivery guy. The idea came about during a conversation he was having with his grandpa, and Michael became excited about the prospect. He said he plans to ring the doorbells and instead of saying, “Trick-or-Treat,” he will say, “Pizza Guy!”

As I’m writing this, I’m on the hunt for a uniform for him to wear, along with an empty pizza box he can carry. He anticipates people putting the candy in the pizza box instead of a bag, for the full effect. I’m excited to see how it works out for him, and I’ll be sure to include a picture next week.

He mentioned it would be cool if he could give every house a pizza, and I told him that would just get too expensive, as the return on the investment wouldn’t be that great. He also informed me that I’ll need to be close by with a bag to dump his candy in, as it might get awkward carrying a heavy box around all night.

I’m excited for my son this year, because Halloween is on a Friday night. Which means, he can stay out a bit later than he’s been able to do in the past. He’s excited to make people laugh, and there’s no greater joy in life than laughing with people. Happy Halloween!

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